Bottle fragments 1870s

A close-up of bottle fragments and other material from the rectory rubbish pit at Brockdish. Centre: ‘black’ glass English dip-moulded wine bottle bases. Below left: the square, tapering base of a black-glass Dutch or possibly English dip-moulded gin bottle. To the right of that: fragments of lamp chimneys and part of a lamp globe, as well as the neck of a medium-green glass bottle for olives or capers. Below those: cuttings of glass from window panes and the conical body of a stemmed wine or champagne glass. Top right corner: fragments of French green glass champagne bottles. Below them: the necks of three English black-glass wine bottles. Below them: the bases of two stemmed wine glasses. Bottom right corner: fragments of light-blue medicine bottles made by the York Glass Company.


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May 16, 2016

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