Chutney and Preserves Jars


These jars were discarded after the death of Mary Everett in 1908. The 2 ounce Bovril bottle is for size comparison. Left, a chutney or pickle jar in aqua glass, 20 cm tall, 6.7 cm wide at the shoulder, with the base separately moulded and the numeral 1337 embossed on the base. Centre, another pickle┬ájar, also in aqua glass, 20.8 cm tall, 6.3 cm wide at the shoulder, with ‘J K & S/ W/ 2364’ embossed on the base, probably for John Kilner & Sons, Wakefield. The Kilner brothers introduced the Owen’s automatic bottle machine in 1907 at their Thornhill Lees factory. This bottle is hand-finished and of pre-1907 date. Right, a preserves jar, aqua glass, 16.6 cm tall and 9 cm wide at the shoulder, with no markings. This jar and that on the right are worn with use and were old when thrown away. This one also has an old crack in the neck.


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March 31, 2015

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