1. B.W. S.

    Many years ago I found an almost identical lid in the Edwardian fill of a farm pond in Dorset. 74mm Diameter. The only differences were there were no quatrefoils beside or scroll beneath the words ‘Cold Cream’ on mine and the illumination within the counters of the ‘C’s was slightly different.
    There were traces of a ‘orangey-pink’ 3-striped paper band around its edge which had probably sealed it to the pot. sadly the pot wasn’t found.

  2. Jessica Anderson-Ramshall

    We have been digging out our side return and found a lid exactly the same as the one in the picture above. It’s the loveliest thing. Our house was built in 1890. There isn’t the pot just the lid, I have cleaned it up and will keep it for posterity.


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