Household rubbish 1870s

An assemblage of household rubbish discarded in the 1870s at Brockdish rectory. Top left (from left to right): clinker, oyster shells, small bones, green glass German mineral water bottle fragments and aqua glass English wine/ ale bottle fragments, ‘black’ glass fragments of English dip-moulded wine bottles, and (top right corner), fragments of green glass French champagne bottles. Centre (left to right): stoneware ink/ ticket-ink bottles and larger bones; a toy brass pocket watch, ceramic fragments, a piece of clay pipe stem, a bone button, an iron harness buckle, part of a tea cup and a mocha-ware mug, German and English bottles bases; the base of a Dutch gin bottle; lamp flue and drinking glass fragments, a small medicine bottle, black glass English wine bottle necks, a light-blue medicine bottle made by the York Glass Co. Bottom (left to right): master stoneware ink bottles, one stamped ‘Doulton Lambeth’ above a yellow and white banded-ware bowl; tableware including a plate, cup and egg-cup with painted green and gold design to rim; blue willow-pattern tableware, including a large serving dish; fragments of light blue medicine bottles by the York Glass Co, and fragments of Hamilton bottles from firms in London (including J. Schweppe) and Harleston (Everson); and far right, cut glass drinking glasses/ tumblers.


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May 16, 2016

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