Hunyadi Janos bottle


Dark green glass bottle for mineral water. The brand, called ‘Hunyadi Janos’ after a medieval Hungarian hero, was marketed by Andreas Saxlehner of Budapest as an ‘aperient water’, recommended for combating constipation. The spring was near Budapest. According to T.D. Luke and N.H. Forbes, in their manual ‘Natural Therapy’ (Bristol, 1913), p. 286, the water ‘has marked cholagogue properties, and so tends to prevent fermentative change in the intestinal canal, and to relieve the discomfort due to flatulence’. Part of the label, which displayed a portrait of Hunyadi Janos on a red background, remains on the bottle.


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July 9, 2019

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  1. Rachel

    I found a few of these bottles under ground I looked it up from the markings on the glass and I found the 1890s bottles along with a few other ones 4 in total


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