Leaflet in Poison Bottle

Green, hexagonal, ‘Not to be Taken’ poison bottle, with rolled up leaflet inside, advertising: ‘The Don/ Tobacco & Cigar Stores/ 183, Middlegate Street,/ Near Back’s Wine Vaults Great Yarmouth/ Cigars of the Finest Brands/ Tobaccos of all kinds!/ Meerschaum, Cherrywood and Briar [pipes]/ Great Yarmouth/ Cigars of the Finest brands/ Tobaccos of all kinds/ Meerschaum, Cherrywood and Briar”. The store was gone by 1900, when the premises at 183 Middlegate St is listed as a Hairdresser’s, proprietor John Parkes. Back & Co’s Wine Merchants were at 176 and 177 Middlegate. Next door to ‘The Don’, at 185 Middlegate, was Benjamin Barber, a beer retailer. Why was the leaflet rolled up and put inside a poison bottle?


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June 24, 2019


  1. Lou Berkley

    Obviously – the clue to a murder!
    Come, Watson! The Game is afoot!

    • Ruth McMahon

      Great comment above, made my day and made me smile.


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