Perfume Bottles

Clear glass perfume bottles with ground interiors to the necks for taking glass stoppers. Left, a round bottle, 9 cm high, tapering slightly outwards from base up to the shoulder, with T & S/ L embossed on the base. Right, oblong bottle, 10.5 cm high, with capacity ‘2 oz’ embossed on the base. Bottles of this sort for rose water, eau de cologne, etc were becoming popular in Edwardian times. They were all of clear glass and usually unembossed. The labels and boxes were brightly coloured, and the liquids too were often tinted or coloured. These examples, along with other bottles for perfume, were discarded after the death of Mary Everett in 1908. The dark patches are iron stains caused by an iron object rusting in proximity to the bottles.



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March 31, 2015

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