Pouring Ink Bottles

Stoneware ink bottles. The brown ones are 11.5 cm tall (with slight variation) and were made after 1895 by Lovatt & Lovatt, Langley Mill, Nottingham. They are not as well made as earlier ink bottles by firms such as Doulton, who trade Lovatt and Lovatt and others were now supplanting. The cream-white bottle is by George Skey, at the Wilnecote Works, Tamworth, Staffordshire. It is 12 cm tall. An identical Skey ink bottle was discovered in Marshbrook in the rubbish from the early 1910s. This example and the Lovatt bottles were dumped in 1908 after the death of Mary Everett.


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March 31, 2015

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  1. Eurival

    Eu achei um desse mesmo frascos aqui no Rio amazonas


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