1. George

    Do you know if these were country wide issued or each district had its own version? I have the exact same one as you show here with the exception that the one I found is intact including the eyelet for the chain to go through. I found it in my back yard a few years ago. I live in Portsmout area of Hampshire . I took the item to the local museum but no information could be found on them. It has a number on the back and I was wondering if there was a record of whom it was given to by tracing the number.

    • Tom Licence

      Hi George, thanks for letting us know. They seem to have been the same everywhere. The number on the back is a registration number for a new design. Every registered design in the 1880s/ 90s got its own number, and by checking the numbers you’ll see that this one was issued in the year 1886-7 (for the jubilee). It has a tiny ‘Rd No’ before it, to signify this. This badge was among several items we donated to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, and it will soon go on show permanently in their new gallery on the top floor. Tom


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