1. Deyrick

    just found one of these bottle amazing. Dug up in our garden with a host of other bottles

    • David W

      Hi there, just dug one of these bottles up myself,looks to be one of the hand made ones,light greenish in colour.any idea what age and is there a value? Regards David

  2. Marc

    What was it used for

    • Tom Licence

      An advert from 1888, states that it:
      ‘Cures at once, Colic or Gripes in Horses
      Cures Debility in Colts or Heifers
      Cures Horses off Appetite and Sickly
      Cures Diarrhoea, Scour, Blown Cattle, etc’
      Day, Sons and Hewitt’s, with an address in Dorset Street, London, claimed to be the largest horse and cattle medicine manufacturers in the world. They also sold products called ‘Red Condition Powders’, for coughs, colds, itching, swelling etc, and ‘Chemical Extract’, for swelling, cuts, strains and injuries.


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