Black African Man Clay Pipe

Clay pipe bowl moulded as the head of a Black African man. Novelty bowls were sometimes sold or given away at pubs whose names they represented. This one may have been smoked at a pub called ‘The Black’s Head’ or similar. (There is still one with this name in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.)


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January 4, 2015


  1. Mathias Bäck

    Dear sir/madame

    I have a question concerning refering to (using) this picture (Black African Man Clay Pipe) in an archaeological report where we found a similar pipe from red clay in the town of Söderhamn in east central Sweden. The purpose is to refer to similar finds. If it is possible to use it; how do You want me to refer to it?

    I work at the National Historical Museums of Sweden as project manager and field archaeologist.

    • Tom Licence

      Dear Mathias, please do feel free to reference any item on the website. The best way to cite it would be by the title of the object, followed by the website address This item was found in a layer dating to 1890 x 1894. All the best, Tom.


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