Cohen Brothers Ginger Beer, re-used by N. Paul and YABC


The Cohen Brothers went bankrupt in 1892 and sold off their stock in 1892-3. N. Paul purchased their bottles and sand-blasted the name ‘PAUL’ onto them. Paul’s outlet was at St Pancras, the western terminus of the GER line to Great Yarmouth. Large numbers of his bottles were purchased by tourists getting on the trains, and they ended up in Yarmouth, where the firm YABC (Yarmouth Aerated Beverage Company) acquired them and used them, applying their own labels. This may have been done illegally. This ginger beer bottle was thus used by three firms in succession – Cohen Brothers, Paul and YABC.

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June 9, 2018


  1. Stuart Cohen

    The one I have dates back prior to having a sandblasted name “Paul” put on it.

    • Tsadik Kaplan

      I have one also with the original logo. In 20 years I’ve seen two others come up for sale on eBay besides mine.

  2. Matthew Edwards

    Just found one this morning at low tide on Frinton on Sea beach.
    Cohen Bros with Paul etched in .


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