1. Linden Weaver

    Are these all around the same period? Only I have one (of 10) with a pig snout and a Rotterdam seal on, just wondered if they’re roughly similar ages?

    • Tom Licence

      They vary in date between the eighteenth century and the early twentieth. As a rule, the earlier ones are cruder (and the earliest are freeblown). If the seal has been applied after the bottle was made, yours may be an earlier one, but if it has been moulded on in the same mould as the rest of the bottle, it is likely to be late. Generally, a pig-snout or flared lip is a sign of an early bottle. Check for other signs of unevenness, such as wonky sides, which bulge or sag inwards in places, a ‘kick-up’ in the base and roughness on the base from a pontil scar.


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