Harrington’s Codd Bottle

Small aqua Codd for J. F. Harrington’s of Southend-on-Sea. Found in a bucket with a bottle for Sloan’s Liniment, a bottle from the Anzora perfumery and a stoneware mineral water bottle from the ‘Ad-le-Burg’ works in Westcliff-on-Sea.


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January 3, 2015


  1. Donald

    I have one of these found in the chimney breast

    • Tom Licence

      Hi Donald, that’s interesting. Does it have anything in it? Sometimes, even as late as the Victorian era, people left items in the chimney breast to ward off evil spirits. Bottles are among the items that are found. Like shoes, they may have been thought to act as spirit traps. There was an exhibition last year at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford on witchcraft, which included a number of items that had been found in this way.

  2. Phil Boyce

    Good evening I have just found exactly that bottle with the glass ball in it.
    It was in the top of a very large chimney stack being taken down of the well known “The Grand” in Leigh on sea.

    • Tom Licence

      Hi Phil, I grew up in Leigh on Sea and used to go to the Grand when the pub was still open. I wonder how it got into the top of the chimney! Perhaps it was left there by a workman. The Grand was built in 1899, and the bottle would be about that date.

  3. Ray Prichard

    I found a Harrington’s bottle today in the mud at Thorpe Bay, it is later than the one above. How long did they trade for? my grandad worked at Ledicotts in Southend,


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