Hauthaway’s Gloss Bottle

Aqua glass bottle, 12.7 cm tall, embossed on three sides: ‘Hauthaway’s/ Peerless Gloss/ Made in U.S.A’. Hauthaway’s company, established in 1852, manufactured protective coatings for shoes. The bottles come in different colours. Some have the name Hauthaway’s repeated (instead of ‘Made in U.S.A). This example was discarded in 1908 after the death of Mary Everett. Embossed on base, ‘C/6’.


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March 31, 2015


  1. wendy Amos

    I have one of these bottles, would like to know the value of it.

    • Tom Licence

      Hi Wendy,

      These bottles aren’t rare. It was a successful product which sold everywhere. Unless yours is an unusual colour, it would have an interest value only. The most it might make would be a few UK pounds in the right shop, but on E-bay common bottles often don’t sell at all.


      • Rachel

        I have one of these but it doesn’t have made in USA on it. It only have two sides embossed. I know for a period they had two sides with hauthaway on them but again this only has it once. Just wondered if this was a common thing.

  2. Rachel

    I have one but it doesn’t say made in USA. It only has the other two sides. Not sure if this makes it unusual or not.


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