Lamont’s Patent Mineral Water Bottle

Lamont’s Patent mineral water bottle, embossed with a hand holding a bottle, and the name of the firm Forster G, Moore, New Conduit Street, King’s Lynn. Around the base, embossed ‘Lumb & Co, Makers, Castleford’. The stopper, a wooden bullet with a rubber ring, remains inside.



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March 10, 2016

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  1. Philip Tyrell

    I recently found a Lamont bottle whilst excavating around my old cottage in Hobart. The bullet stopper was still in the bottle, and I was able to carefully extract it. The stopper is Bakelite, and has the Lamont symbol embossed on the round tip of the bullet (needed a microscope to see this), plus the words ‘Made in Germany’. On the concave end of the stopper is the number 2. So, bottle manufactured in Glasgow, stopper manufactured in Germany, and bottle with soda sold in Hobart in about 1880.


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