1. Rolf Limbach

    Hello and good Evening!
    Today on 17.07.2021, I have found on the beach of Langeogg – this is an Island on the coast ( Northsea) of Germany- an green Glassbottle from Lawrance of Great Yarmouth, with original closure, like that you show on your Website. The bottle is complete
    Is it right the the bottle more than 100 Years old? Thank you for an answer

    • Tom Licence

      Hello Rolf, how interesting – thanks for letting me know. Yes, these bottles are more than 100 years old. They mostly date from about the 1890s. Lawrance was based in Great Yarmouth, and souvenir cups showing images of Great Yarmouth were manufactured in Germany in the 1890s, so there was obviously some traffic across the North Sea. Tom


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