Medicine Bottle

Small clear glass medicine bottle, for ‘Powell’ of ‘Blackfriars Road’. Found among rubbish from the 1870s. Labourers’ cottages, Kent.


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January 3, 2015


  1. Steve Clay

    Hi I have a mint powells what is it worth

    • Tom Licence

      Hi Steve,

      These bottles aren’t rare in England, though they may be more so where you are – New Zealand? The rarest ones are the earliest, which have rough pontil scars on the base. A collector might pay upward of £10 for one of those, I guess, but I’m not really an expert on the value of these items.


      • Steve Clay

        Thanks Tom I will keep with my other bottles from the old gold mining days in the Coromandel in NZ
        Cheers Steve


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